Local government should be nonpartisan

Thank you for your recent coverage of City Council candidates. I applaud those who refused to indicate party affiliation. Our city government is supposed to be nonpartisan, and the fact that you included (and even asked about) party affiliation is just plain wrong and only contributes to the extreme partisanship which is doing so much damage in our country. Shame on you, BDN.

Jane Bragg


Susan Collins helps deliver infrastructure investments

For much of our rural state, maintaining infrastructure is a real challenge. The Maine Department of Transportation does its best to keep up with the backlog, but it seems like there’s never enough money to keep on top of the demand. That’s why we are so fortunate to have Sen. Susan Collins leading the Senate Transportation Appropriations Subcommittee.

Collins has helped secure an impressive $305 million in federal surface transportation grants for Maine over the past decade, according to her office. This federal funding has gone a long way toward supplementing our limited state funding resources.

Collins recently helped secure an additional $61 million in funding for several critical bridge repairs and replacements along key highways and corridors.

Projects to be funded with this grant money include three bridge replacements in Franklin County. Those who regularly travel to Sugarloaf in the winter will tell you that a key complaint among people driving there is the crumbling infrastructure along the route to the popular ski resort. In addition to carrying tourists to the slopes, these bridge replacements will also benefit our truckers, loggers and area commuters.

Also slated for repair are four bridges along the I-295 corridor in Cumberland County. This highway connects Maine to the rest of New England, making these projects significant for highway safety and key to Maine’s economy.

Collins is a reliable champion for Maine in Washington. Please join me in thanking her for once again coming through for the people of this great state!

Brian Parke


Take a stand for the Arctic

I am a student at the University of Maine, and would just like to mention a few things. I find it interesting how with all the people in this overpopulated nation, not many people seem to want to take a stand to protect the planet we live in. Humanity likes to assume that because we are conscious beings, that this planet belongs to us; in reality however, because of this, we hold all the responsibility to protect this world in our hands.

I would like to address the fact that our nation is trying to use the Arctic Refuge in Alaska, home to large populations of animals, as well as Indigenous people, to drill for oil and gas. Doing this not only would ruin the lives of said people and animals, but it would also just add to the carbon emissions released into the world, speeding up climate change and bringing this planet closer to its destruction. Please people, take a stand. Fight to protect the one and only planet that not only humans, but a variety of other living beings reside on.

Kevin Venard