My mom’s voice needed on school committee

I’m currently a sophomore student at Bangor High School. I have an older brother who’s a junior at Bangor High, a sister who’s a seventh grader at Cohen Middle School, and a younger brother who’s a second grader at Fruit Street. Our mom, Marwa Hassanien, is currently running for Bangor School Committee, and she is exactly what the committee needs!

My mom is a hard-working, intelligent, and caring woman who teaches and treasures education. Her advice is always wise, loving, firm, and much-needed. She is also a good listener and a keen problem solver. What I probably love best, though, is her beautiful heart and the life lessons she passed down to me and my siblings. She taught us to love — to love everyone as if they were our own brothers and sisters, regardless if they were rich, poor, white, black, of a different religion or sexual orientation. She also taught us to always stand up to bullies, our own or someone else’s.

And that’s exactly who she will be as a committee member.

As a mother of four in the school system, she knows that there are some students in the district who aren’t receiving this kind of love and support. She will advocate for all students, no matter who they are and which level they’re at. Her voice and perspective would be invaluable assets to this already amazing district.

I think all students, teachers, and taxpayers would benefit from my mom being on the committee. Please vote for my mom, Marwa Hassanien for Bangor School Committee — she’s my hero and she’s worth it!

Maya Elkadi


Preserving a historic locomotive

Former Maine Central Railroad #470 played a critical role in New England’s transportation history. Today locomotive #470 is a last survivor of the wonderful locomotives that hauled the elegant sleepers, dining cars and observation cars of another era, up and down the New England coast.

Since 2013, New England Steam Corporation (NESCO) has been making steady progress in the restoration of steam locomotive #470. The big Pacific class passenger engine is now indoors, loosened up to roll once more on its own wheels, and having critical parts restored and rebuilt.

A major funding opportunity has been presented to NESCO in the form of a matching grant which will result in, potentially, $20,000 to be applied to the restoration. If historic preservation and the eventual operation of locomotive #470 captures your imagination, New England Steam Corporation is inviting donations and contributions. More information is available on our website and Facebook page. NESCO is a 501c3, and all donations go to the restoration.

Richard Glueck

President, NESCO


Best of times and worst of times

May we be allowed to quote a few lines from pages 589-90 of Justice Louis L. Jaffee’s 1965 book Judicial Control of Administrative Action?

“In a society so complex, so pragmatic as ours, unity is never realized, nor is it necessary that it should be. Indeed, there is no possibility of agreement on criteria for absolute unity; what is contradiction to one man is higher synthesis to another. But within a determined context there may be a sense of contradiction sufficient to create social distress; and it is one of the grand roles of our constitutional courts to detect such contradictions and to affirm the capability of our society to integrate its purposes. An administrative agency is not an island unto itself. It is one of many rooms in the magnificent mansion of the law. The very subordination of the agency to judicial jurisdiction is intended to proclaim the premise that each agency is to be brought into harmony with the totality of law.”

This may be the best of times for some, and the worst for others.

Donald and Ingrid Stanley