Crater Lake correction

I enjoyed the beautiful pictures of the western U.S. that Donna Wiegle viewed on her motorcycle trip. However, the lower picture on the front page of the Oct. 4 edition is not in Utah as the caption reads. It is a picture of Crater Lake. Crater Lake is in the northern part of Klamath County, Oregon, where we lived for several years and often visited Crater Lake. Mistakenly identifying Crater Lake as being in Utah would be like identifying Mount Katahdin as being in Massachusetts.

David Dzurec


Comprehensive Lewiston housing story

I am writing to commend the Bangor Daily News on the extraordinary journalism in writing the Sept. 25 article on the complex issues of housing and the low-income people in Lewiston. The article describes with empathy the plight of the tenants as people struggling to find affordable, safe housing and the lasting implications of what they face everyday.

What makes the piece extraordinary is its trip upstream to look at the problem from a wider systemic, public health, economic and historical perspective. Only then can we see the other struggles and nuances in the equation.

Clearly, Lewiston and all our communities need to invest in initiatives that address lead abatement and create housing that is safe and affordable for everyone, but especially young children. Thanks again for this comprehensive approach to help us all better understand the depth and breadth of these issues.

Lisa Kelley


Trade agreement good for Maine

Democrats in Congress should support the USMCA trade deal between Mexico, the United States and Canada as negotiated by the Trump administration. This agreement will help all residents of Maine.

The seemingly pathological hatred of President Donald Trump by some Democrats has led to the divisive and politically motivated impeachment inquiry. An impeachment inquiry of Trump will only further divide the country and assure Trump’s re-election in 2020. There is no way the U.S. Senate will come up with a two thirds vote to convict Trump on such flimsy evidence.

Trump has reduced the size of government, lowered taxes, reduced the regulatory burden on individuals and corporations and has provided more power to local governments, while also taking on China.

Trump’s policies have created more than 6 million new jobs since Election Day in 2016; a 3.7 percent unemployment rate, which is near the lowest mark in 49 years; unemployment at a near-record low rate for historically marginalized groups, including African-Americans, Hispanics and women; and manufacturing job growth that previously soared to a more than two-decade high.

Please urge Democrats in Congress to pass the USMCA between Mexico, the United States, and Canada. This agreement negotiated by the Trump administration will significantly help the people of Maine.

William Kales

Bar Harbor

Priorities at Northern Light

On Oct. 1 in the Bangor Daily News, there was a glowing report about Northern Light Health and work to redo the lobby of Eastern Maine Medical Center, change the logo and other things they call “rebranding.” But, unfortunately, not much about us, the patients. Are the logo and a new lobby more important?

Twice I have had a family member go to the emergency room, per the request of their primary care physician. Each time, it took over eight hours. This is unacceptable and makes no sense. The first time it took from five in the morning until four in the afternoon to get a bed, as my family member had to be admitted. The second time (just last week) my family member got there at nine in the morning and did not get home until five in the afternoon. Again, unacceptable.

Despite the so-called improvements, in our experience, the quality of care has diminished terribly.

It’s time for Northern Light to forget the appearances, and to work on their quality of service. There needs to be better care for us, the patients. That’s where their priorities should lie.

Lorraine B. Flagg