Abortion is a moral issue

The Maine Legislature recently passed a bill allowing abortions to be labeled a health care issue and covered under taxpayer insurance. I will state right off that I do not believe in abortion, but even if I did, my common sense would tell me that pregnancy should be covered by private or taxpayer insurance. However, if this pregnancy is aborted by choice, how can this “choice” be considered a medical condition covered by taxpayer insurance?

I feel that it would be more prudent for our Legislature to work diligently on providing more support and counseling programs for these young girls and women. There are many couples in our communities who would love to have children, but are unable to conceive. Perhaps the Legislature should put more effort into providing our adoption agencies with less regulations and costs. From my perspective, abortion is not a medical issue, it is a moral issue.

Colleen Taylor

Shirley Mills

Time for Susan Collins to stand up

I am a 100 percent service-connected disabled veteran. I no longer have a part of my body, lost to me years ago. I believe I have earned the right to call upon Sen. Susan Collins in this manner, publicly, with all the reflection and steady deliberation that I so admire in her.

She is one of the finest senators Maine has ever had. She is principled, compassionate and steely when it comes to improving the lives of the people she represents. Her willingness to take a stand is legendary. Her caution is also well known and has served Maine well, generally. I trust her. I believe in her. That’s why I’m writing this.

She must stand up and lead her party. She must turn away from her minute focus on the particular transgressions she’s seen, compartmentalizing them, and articulate exactly what she sees coming from this administration. We need now, more than ever, her unique understanding of the big picture. She cannot wait anymore, apparently frozen. Stand up. It’s her time, as it was once time for Margaret Chase Smith. Stand for the laws of this country, for the fairness, justice and strength that is America.

Laurie Ellis


Asylum seekers should fight for freedom in home countries

A few years back, some settlers got fed up with an oppressive government, so they took up arms and fought to gain freedom and form a new and fairer government. After many fierce and deadly battles, they won their independence. To try to establish a better and more fair form of government, the Founding Fathers drew up documents, such as the Bill of Rights. Over the years, with many attitude adjustments, many unfair practices have been changed to try to give all citizens equal rights.

The adjustment process is still ongoing. The Bill of Rights was developed to protect American citizens against unfair treatment, but some are using the Bill of Rights to give noncitizens rights they have not not yet earned. Some of these aliens are being given free lodging, free food, free education. The citizens of this great country should not be expected to give up what they have earned through citizenship so that illegal aliens can benefit from the system.

It looks as though many of these asylum seekers are of the age and ability to do as our ancestors did: take up arms, if necessary, to fight for the freedom of their families and other countrymen. Earn their freedom as we did. If they are not willing to fight for their freedom, why should we cut ourselves short. Most likely this country would give some assistance in their quest.

Timothy Smyth