Cleanup begins after a customer on a test drive crashed through the wall of the front office at Norm’s Used Cars in Wiscasset. Credit: Jessica Clifford | Lincoln County News

A Pemaquid woman on a test drive at Norm’s Used Cars in Wiscasset crashed through the wall of the dealership after confusing the gas and brake pedals Tuesday.

Gwendolyn Swank, 92, was parking a 2010 Nissan Sentra in front of the building when she crashed through the wall and into the dealership’s front office at about 11:30 a.m., according to business owner Norman Sherman. Another person was in the car with her.

People inside the office saw what was happening and got out of the way before they were hit, according to Sherman. About a half-dozen people work in the front office. No one was hurt.

Swank was driving “oddly” through the parking lot before the crash, Sherman said. She was about to purchase the car.

Sherman estimated the damage to the building at $30,000.

In addition to a large hole in the front of the building, under the dealership’s sign, there was damage to the ceiling, with wiring and tubing hanging down. Papers and office equipment were strewn about.

Sherman said the business would stay open. He said he would invest in guardrails to prevent future crashes.

The Wiscasset Police Department responded to the scene.

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