Health over ad revenue

For many years I have enjoyed listening to sports talk radio, but I have grown increasingly disturbed of late by e-cigarette ads on a local radio station. While I understand these ads are part of a network obligation, continuing to run them represents a betrayal of our communities. It is long past time to privilege the health of our children over the lure of advertising revenue. Who expects our children to say “no” if we can’t ? We can — and must — do better.

Rob Benson
Bar Harbor

Take charge of electric bill

Are you tired of ever increasing electric bills? Do you feel Central Maine Power isn’t doing as fine a job as they should be for the amount you pay them each month? Now is the time to act! Solar has never been cheaper or more reliable, and the payback period gets shorter every time electric rates go up. Add a Tesla Powerwall or an old hybrid battery and you can be 100 percent off the grid — and blame no one but yourself if the power goes out.

Ted Hale

Trump wrong on guns

After meeting with National Rifle Association officials in August, President Trump appeared to back away from tighter laws on gun purchases, saying it is not the gun that kills but the person who pulls the trigger, so he vaguely favors improved mental health coverage. Though an overwhelming majority of Americans favor stricter background checks on gun purchasers, Trump apparently knows better.

As the case of the recent mass murderer in Odessa, Texas demonstrates, Trump is wrong. Background checks are not mandated for private sales like the one that killer seems to have bought through; had the seller checked, he’d have found that and had the individual been checked, he would not have been able to purchase the gun, for he had been diagnosed “mentally defective.”

It is doubtless true that we cannot outlaw private ownership of all firearms, for there are just too many in the U.S. However, the registration of all guns, difficult as it might be, is a distinct possibility. At the very least, the registration of every gun when it is sold should be mandatory, with the provision of prosecution for assistance in murder for anyone who sells a gun that is later used to kill a person.

Donald Trump was elected President to ensure the safety and security of all our citizens, not the NRA. When people have reason to fear that their children will be killed at school, that they may be shot at a mall or parking lot or church, the President has an obligation to take forceful action to alleviate their anxiety.

Steve Colhoun