Lobsters before whales

Can you believe this? They want to have the lobstermen cut way down on the rope they are using to tie the traps together to save the right whale. My good Mainers and wonderful visitors, which would you like to have: a whale feed or a lobster feed? I guess I know the answer to that.

If this rule is applied, I don’t think the lobstermen will be able to keep up with demand. These lobstermen work hard, and I think lobsters are much more important than right whales.

Dwight C. Whitney, Sr.


Sweet for Senate

The race for Maine’s Senate seat is heating up, and the Democratic Party is already putting its finger on the scale. One would think that the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee would wait for Mainers to choose their candidate in the primary, then support them to fight in the general election. Instead, they endorsed Sara Gideon one day after she announced her candidacy. Campaign staff have been sent from Washington to work on her campaign, giving her unfair out-of-state support and suppressing grassroots candidates.

I, for one, don’t like the party establishment sending outside money into Maine in favor of their candidate, instead of letting Mainers run a clean and fair election. That’s why I’ll be voting for Betsy Sweet in the Democratic primary. Sweet rejects big money, and helped create Maine’s Clean Elections laws. She has a detailed, bold platform about how to address our shared problems, and has been fighting for Mainers in Augusta for 37 years. She knows that when we come together and fight for our future, we can make a country that works for all of us, and everyone’s voice is counted.

Join me in voting for Sweet in the June Democratic primary.

Austin Smith


Time to buck NRA

Some 35 Americans died in just three mass shootings just in August of this year because the NRA controls how firearm laws are handled in this country. The number of mass shooting deaths for 2019 is nearly 300.

The person occupying the White House is too much of a coward to vote the conscience of the American people, where more than 80 percent want stronger gun legislation. Instead this president bows to the head of the NRA and doesn’t act for the betterment of the voter. He thinks that he can’t afford to lose NRA voters in the next election. Remember, everything is about him. He cares little for anyone else. Well, he has far bigger problems than losing the relatively few votes the dwindling NRA membership can provide.

While our fearless president can only think of being re-elected, the deaths keep piling up. Time for a change, people.

Richard Barclay


Wavering on Collins

I like Susan Collins. I’m an independent voter who had voted for her every other time. However, with her swaying way toward the far-right platforms, I’m seriously checking out the competition.

The more former Gov. Paul LePage pokes his nose into our business, the less likely I’ll vote for her again. LePage ruined the prospects for all of Maine’s GOP candidates.

Ed Barrood