Kimangu Nzenza Pitagor of Angola (right) holds his daughter Victoria, 2, while telling his story to reporters at an emergency shelter inside the Portland Expo building in this June 19, 2019, file photo. A fellow Angola, named Alphonse (left) smiles.

The Portland City Council will allocate more than $900,000 in private donations to the more than 400 asylum seekers that arrived this summer.

The council voted unanimously on Wednesday to accept the donations and put the money into the city’s Health and Human Services budget to use it for sheltering and basic needs for migrant families. They arrived primarily from the Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola.

The Portland Press Herald reports the city was informed in June by Texas officials that large groups of African migrant families had crossed the U.S. southern border and were headed to Portland.

City Manager Jon Jennings had declared an emergency and opened a shelter at the Portland Expo.

From June to August, nearly 450 migrants have checked into the Expo.