Fort Fairfield's Riverside Park Pavillion Credit: Courtesy of Town of Fort Fairfield

The town of Fort Fairfield has been dealing with vandalism issues at Riverside Park, and town officials say it could prompt them to limit public access.

Over the Labor Day weekend, an individual or a group of individuals at the Riverside Park Pavilion entered the restrooms, stole bathroom supplies and damaged equipment in the process, Fort Fairfield police Chief Shawn Newell said.

“We have had numerous instances where the pavilion has been damaged over the past few years,” Newell said.

Riverside Park sits at the corner of Route 1A and North Caribou Road and includes a playground, boat launch, picnic tables, grills and the pavillion. The pavilion includes bathrooms, a sink with drinking water, seats up to 50 people and can be rented out.

The pavillion’s bathrooms are open around the clock, but Newell said he and town manager Andrea Powers are discussing the possibility of closing the bathroom facilities to the public and other security options.

Currently, there are no security cameras, Newell said.

“Unfortunately, the town may need to start securing the facilities in order to prevent the costly damage. We are currently evaluating our options as to how we can protect the town’s assets and to make it available for the public as well,” Newall said.

This story was originally published on The County.