Support safe and legal abortion

In February 2016, I was elated to be pregnant again and give my toddler a sibling. Then, at a routine ultrasound, my husband and I learned the unthinkable: The baby had a rare anomaly incompatible with life. Continuing the pregnancy put my health at risk, so I decided to have an abortion at 13 weeks. I was grateful for the support of my friends and family, who supported us through this loss.

It was a devastating experience for us that was made so much worse when my insurance company denied coverage for my abortion. My husband is a federal employee, and we discovered our insurance is barred from covering abortion except in the narrowest of circumstances. On top of grieving the loss of our pregnancy, we were now faced with a nearly $6,000 bill.

People seeking abortions deserve the freedom to make this decision without judgment. They deserve to access their health care coverage without the interference of politicians or the insurance company. They deserve to be treated like their health and their life matters.

This is why I am both saddened and infuriated by the people’s veto campaign to overturn an abortion access law passed by the Maine Legislature this year. No one should face what we did when making the best decision for their health and family. I’m urging my fellow Mainers to decline to sign these petitions and to support safe and legal abortion for everyone, regardless of their income or source of insurance.

Mindy Woerter


Where the president is leading this country

We’ve seen the continual negative comments made by the person residing in the White House with the most recent pertaining to the slowing down of the economy. The president blames China and the head of the Federal Reserve for the perceived issues the country is headed for. He forgets one additional reason for the potential recession the country is headed toward, and that is his own nonsensical business decisions. We need to remember this man has seen his businesses go bankrupt four times, allegedly doesn’t pay his debts and apparently figures that if a country doesn’t abide by his demands, then he’ll just threaten to slap a tariff on that country. Are republicans just not thinking about where he is leading this country? Do they care?

Richard Barclay


Folk festival harmony

I went home glowing after three days of peace and love at our Bangor Folk Festival, a peak experience, as we said in the ’60s. Thousands of people listened, chatted, ate delicious ethnic foods, swayed and danced in total joy. Not a single disorderly person or a speck of trash. A command performance for a troubled world.

All music has an underlying rhythm, which is easily felt by anyone who listens. Fourteen musical groups from six continents played together so beautifully that a first thought was that they’d played together for years. The harmony was so instinctive you could see everyone’s inner grin as each piece evolved. Musical leadership passed back and forth from group to group as easily as did their smiles.

Our festival was an astounding example of how our world leaders should be dancing and singing in harmony and solving the numerous existential crises we face. People like them should have been our delegates at the G-7 meeting, unlike the delegation we sent, led by a President who ostensibly denies global warming exists.

Paul A. Liebow