October 21, 2019
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Monday, Sept. 2, 2019: Wearing our hats proudly, use the word ‘illegal,’ hosting the G-7

Wearing our hats proudly

In 1938, Theodor Geisel (the real name of Dr. Seuss) published a children’s book entitled “Bartholomew Cubbins and the 500 Hats.” For Geisel, a Jew and a politically astute person, the rise of Hitler was a threat to everyone, especially anyone who appeared to refuse to surrender what made him different: in this case, a small red hat. The penalty, especially severe in a children’s book, would be death.

Bartholomew’s hat, his unique individuality, grew grander and grander until, in the end, it contained so much wealth and glory that the king wanted to keep it for himself, and Bartholomew’s head was at last free of the weight and he was himself again, the wind ruffling his hair.

Like the senior rabbi of Chicago Sinai Congregation, who wrote an OpEd criticizing President Donald Trump’s talk of Jewish loyalty, and Todd Nelson, who wrote about a former student who tied his identity to a “pheasant-feathered cowboy hat,” Dr. Seuss understood that not doffing a hat in “loyalty” to those in power was not just dangerous — but courageous and necessary. The Cat in the Hat was a later development for Dr Seuss. Bartholomew Cubbins, born on September 1, 1938, carried the message for today. We need to wear our hats proudly and be loyal to our unique selves, not to bombast and threats.

Ruth Nadelhaft


Collins and women’s reproductive rights

I am feeling betrayed. Senator Susan Collins was a reliable leader for women’s sexual and reproductive rights, including access to abortion.

It is not just her vote for Justice Brett Kavanaugh. She supported the nomination of Justice Neil Gorsuch and over 30 other anti-choice nominees to the federal court system. She has received fundraising support from people like the Breitbart-backing Mercers and Leonard Leo of the Federalist Society, a group intent on stacking the courts with anti-choice judges. These judges threaten the future of Roe v. Wade.

She seemed surprised that the appointment of these judges could stimulate conservative state legislators to pass a flood of anti-choice bills in 2019.

From my perspective, Susan Collins has shown us that her party loyalty means more to her than supporting women’s sexual and reproductive rights.

Julia Kahrl


Use the word ‘illegal’

I would like to know when the word “illegal” became bad? I hear so often people running for office saying “these immigrants,” when really some are “illegal immigrants!”

When did our country make illegal immigrants it’s priority over U.S. citizens? Because that is what I am hearing and seeing! Illegal immigrants and asylum seekers are being treated more like they are already U.S. citizens. I find that absurd and the wrong way of looking at these individuals.

It doesn’t help when Gov. Janet Mills gives asylum seekers the right to get welfare when they have not contributed to the state of Maine. If some of these people cannot speak English, how do they look for work and get a job?

So in my opinion, these asylum seekers have been given a free pass when they have not earned it, especially when Mainers are suffering and get bypassed by their own government and programs! Since when has being a Mainer become a dirty word? Somehow we have lost our focus on our own citizens. I find this situation very disturbing and wrong. But that is just my opinion and who am I — just another legitimate U.S. citizen who has no say!

Robert Tomlins


Hosting the G-7

Wouldn’t it be wonderful — and a change of pace from self-enrichment to focusing on the good of the country — for the U.S. to host the G-7 (and 7 only)? The Trump Administration could host it in one of our beautiful National Parks.

Vivienne Lenk

Beaver Cove


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