Northern Maine's skies can produce some amazing light shows, like these northern lights over New Sweden. Amateur photographer Matt Grandy used a 20-second exposure to capture the reds and greens of these lights on a fall night from his back yard.

It’s Labor Day weekend in Maine, and there could be more to do than wade through traffic and attempt to escape tourists for three days. The University of Alaska Fairbanks has posted a forecast of the Kp level, which measures the light of the atmosphere and predicts that Maine is one of the areas where Americans can see the aurora borealis over the holiday weekend.

According to News Center Maine, the forecast calls for “high auroral activity” and the lights could potentially be seen from central and northern Maine. Friday’s moon is a Super Moon, which means the moon isn’t visible and won’t block the view of the northern lights.

In the past, Aroostook County has been the place to go to catch a glimpse of those famous colors in the sky. The best nights to head away from city lights to view the aurora borealis appear to be Saturday or Sunday night, reported the University of Alaska Fairbanks.