A plastic film replaces the window of the Mapleton Fire Station after it was broken on Aug. 13. Credit: Nina Mahaleris

An incident that apparently occurred just hours after two men were found dead in a pickup truck in Castle Hill has been “handled” and was not related to the homicide case, Maine State Police said Friday afternoon.

Lt. Brian Harris of the Maine State Police said that the department will not issue a press release on the incident because it involved private medical and personal information.

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But some Mapleton residents on the Pulcifer Road said they were fearful after reportedly seeing a man run through the neighborhood around 2:30 a.m. Aug. 13, leaving a trail of blood behind him.

Neighbors reported that they thought the man had jumped through his front window for an unknown reason and proceeded to knock on his neighbors’ doors looking for help.

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“The incident has been handled,” Harris said Friday afternoon, and added that no charges were filed.

Neighbors should not be concerned about the incident, Harris said.

A window of the Mapleton Fire Station, which is also located on the Pulcifer Road, was broken into around the same time frame of Tuesday, Aug. 13, according to Chief Richard Wark of the Mapleton Fire Department. Police have not yet issued a statement on the incident.