September 19, 2019
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Thursday, August 29, 2019: Parking at the Folk Festival, trips to Bucksport, Trump and the silent majority

Parking at the Folk Festival

I love to attend the American Folk Festival and have been going ever since the National Folk Festival first came to Bangor in 2002. However, since they stopped running busses between Bass Park and the festival grounds, the parking situation has been terrible. If you don’t want to walk half a mile or more, you have to shell out $20 to some organization you might not even care about for the privilege of parking in a spot that would usually be free on weekends or after hours.

If whoever is in charge does not plan to reinstate bus service from Bass Park to the festival, why not try and convince the businesses that own the parking lots where people pay to park for the festival to make the American Folk Festival their “parking charity” for that weekend? That would help the American Folk Festival stay afloat financially so they can continue to bring wonderful international entertainment to Bangor for years to come.

Anita McCormick

Trips to Bucksport

My son attended the University of Maine at Machias for four years, so we passed through Bucksport from Camden often. I remember stopping at the Dunkin’ donut shop and having interesting, friendly conversations with locals about Bucksport. The conversation was always positive and fun.

On one trip through we discovered Verona Wine and Design, a wonderful little bistro with fabulous tapas and a very good wine list available by the glass. I felt like I was transported to France. Anyone looking for the real Maine “spirit” need not venture any farther than Bucksport.

This town and its people are what makes Maine, Maine! Bucksport is the “real” Maine. Though my son has graduated from UMM and is currently in the Peace Corps in Africa and we’re not passing through any more, we now drive up just to enjoy what Bucksport has to offer.

Next time up, we’ll have to give David Warren’s Waterfront Restaurant a try. It’s people like those in Bucksport that makes me proud to be from Maine.

Edward Socker

Trump and the silent majority

If President Donald Trump is re-elected in 2020, it will not be because of his radical right-wing disciples. Rather, he will garner the support by what Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan identified as the “ silent majority.”

This group of voters is often perceived as friendly, generous and good-natured. However, then, like now, darker motives and emotions can drive them to align with a Republican Party and its narcissistic leader. Motives and feelings including hate, fear, willful ignorance and greed, which appear deeply ingrained in Trump’s personality, and which he and his party encourage and elicit from Americans.

I sincerely hope we will rely instead on our capacity for reason and compassion.

James L. McDonald

My CMP bill

I have been living on disability since 2006 and now I live on $800 a month. Since 2017, when all this garbage started with Central Maine Power, I cannot afford to pay the high bills they say I generated.

I live in a small two-bedroom, low-income apartment. The landlord did renovations back in 2015, I think, with energy efficient lights, siding, insulation, water heater, windows and doors. And my heat and stove are run on gas.

My electricity costs from the time I have lived here since 1995: my bills ran $60 in the summer and $40 in the winter. Since 2017, my bills for summer are $145 and winter is $80-90. Outrageous! And I live alone.

Shari Norton


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