Credit: Troy R. Bennett

A St. John, New Brunswick, man was arrested Friday after he allegedly entered the United States illegally.

U.S. Border Patrol agents responded to a report of a vehicle crossing the border illegally in Houlton shortly after 7 a.m. Friday. A short time later, responding agents located the vehicle and arrested 24-year-old Kyle Woodcock.

“We are constantly evaluating known and potential vulnerabilities to our security along the border,” Houlton Station Patrol Agent in Charge Brent Conley said. “This area is a known vulnerability so it is monitored and patrolled regularly, allowing us to respond quickly.”

Woodcock was driving a 2005 Ford Focus at the time of his apprehension. Woodcock was identified as a Canadian citizen with no record of him or the vehicle legally entering the United States.

He was taken to the Houlton Station for processing and charged with entry without inspection.

“This incident highlights the importance of maintaining a proper combination of manpower, infrastructure, and technology in northern Maine,” said Jason Owens, chief patrol agent of the Border Patrol in Maine. “We do not field a great deal of vehicle barriers or other means of impedance, so we rely on technology, the public, and our border area stakeholders to inform our patrol and response activities.

“Consequence delivery is a vital part of our enforcement strategy,” Owens continued. “If you cross the border illegally in Maine, we will seek criminal prosecution and move to seize any vehicle used in the attempt.”

The story was originally published in The County.