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Stock image | Pixabay
Club champions have been crowned at Kebo Valley in Bar Harbor.
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At Kebo Valley, Bar Harbor

Senior Club Championship — Men’s Division: Champion: Arthur Malaussena 75, 2. Chris Swan, John Royal 79; Net: 1. Tim Ray 69, 2. Tom Maffucci 72; Forward Tee Division: Jud Starr 91; Ladies Division: Sherry Harkins 95; Junior Club Champion: 18 Hole Division: Will Froehlich 104; 9 Hole Division: Wyatt Braun 68

At Bangor Municipal GC

Bangor Women’s Golf Club — Solheim Cup: Boisterous Bluejays def. Raging Red Cardinal 17-7; Jean Sweetser, Judy Richard (1.5) vs. Sandy Darr, Sue Roberts (1.5); Sherrie Thomas, Sue Collins (1) vs. Nancy Hart, Diane Herring (2); Marilyn Rice, Sue Coffin (1.5) vs. Marlene Viger, Kathy Constantine (1.5); Shelley Drillen, Beverly Dubay (3) vs. Janet Anderson, Ilse Pfander (0); Anne Pooler, Gloria Attenweiler (2) vs. Jean Young, Karen Bamford (1); Brenda Crosby, Carole Cook (2) vs. Kathy Anderson, Susan Payne (1); Robin Ashe, Dottie Cerbone (3) vs. Carol Brooks, Claudette Amoroso (0); Jean Bridges, Marilyn Hughes (3) vs. Gwen Archambault, Linda Libby (0); Pins: No. 3 Nancy Hart 75-0, No. 6 Robin Ashe 6-0, Karen Bamford 19-0, No. 11 Robin Ashe 19-0, Sue Collins 23-4, No. 16 Sandy Darr 9-1, Brenda Crosby 52-4; Straightest Drive: No. 9 Brenda Crosby, No. 13 Judy Richard

At Fort Kent GC

Fort Kent Community High School-Valley Rivers Middle School Athletic Booster Club Scramble — Gross: 1. Vincent Morin, Martin Colin, Marco Viel, Danick Ouellette; Net: 1. Dan Cyr, Jared Ashly, Josh Caron, Jeremiah Delisle

At Lucerne GC

Senior Scramble Results — 1st Rich Skorski, Mac Cassell, Russ Black, Jerry Noble (-3); 2nd (tie) Mark Johnson, Ben Sawyer, Scott MacArthur, Doug Hewes (-2); Dale Anthony, Bob Carter, Mike Dore, Bob Tweedie (-2); Bob McKenney, Pat Key, Bruce Blanchard, Bill Ferris (-2); Barry Harris, Jim Awalt, Chuck Hodge, Kerry Woodbury (-2); Ron Allen, Martin Bernard, Bill Nickel, Whitney Lavene (-1); Randy Irish, Ralph Alley, Richard Baker, Doug Macartney (-1). Pins: No. 2 Bob Tweedie 13-6, No. 6 Richard Baker 16-0 

At Traditions GC, Holden

Men’s League — 1. Bob Pentland, Terry Pangburn, Steve Batson, Roger Therriault, 33; 2. Charlie Perkins, Brad Holmes, Harold Batson, Bob Leavitt, 33. Pin: No. 8 Steve Batson 9-7


Today’s games



Central Aroostook at Easton, 3:45 p.m.

Madawaska at Fort Fairfield, 4 p.m.


Central Aroostook at Easton, 3:45 p.m.

Madawaska at Fort Fairfield 4 p.m.


Monday’s Results



Central Aroostook 10, Washburn 0

Easton 4, Ashland 1


Ashland 11, Easton 0

Central Aroostook 5, Washburn 0

Friday’s Results



Central Aroostook 3, Ashland 1

Madawaska 9, Washburn 1

Van Buren 2, Easton 1


Central Aroostook 4, Ashland 1

Madawaska 6, Washburn 0

Van Buren 2, Easton 1

Harness racing

Union Fair

Tuesday’s starters, 2 p.m.

First, Pace, $3,200

  1. Cab Bearnaise, S. Wilson
  2. Spiffy Miss, D. Ingraham
  3. Youcanbeanangel, N. Graffam
  4. Yankee Peach, G. Mosher
  5. Sweetchildofmine, A. Hall
  6. Something Royal, H. Campbell
  7. Cevina De Chakria, K. Switzer Jr.
  8. Justcallmedee, Mm. Athearn

Second, Pace, $3,000

  1. Royal Courtier, K. Switzer Jr.
  2. Toe Tag, S. Wilson
  3. Holy Grail N, W. Campbell
  4. Nucular Enemy, B. Ranger
  5. Bold Willie, G. Mosher
  6. Checkisinthemail, H. Campbell
  7. Celebrate Your Bet, Mp. Sowers 

Third, Pace, $4,000

  1. Fancy Footwork, K. Switzer Jr.
  2. What A Hooligan, W. Campbell
  3. Quint Largo, A. Harrington
  4. Golden Tree, B. Ranger
  5. Cyclone Pass, N. Graffam
  6. JS McFlash, Mp. Sowers 

Fourth, Pace, $9,942

  1. Cupids Luck, K. Switzer Jr.
  2. Justcallme Bets, Mm. Athearn
  3. MSdowneast, G. Mosher
  4. Maydaymaverickhope, S. Wilson
  5. Cominrightatyou, R. Cushing
  6. Cranky, R. Lanpher III 

Fifth, Trot, $3,000

  1. Beer League, N. Graffam
  2. Affluent, B. Ranger
  3. Lakenledge Ikossi, W. Campbell
  4. Mary Girl, I. Davies
  5. Just A Little Evil, Mm. Athearn
  6. Maine Muscle, D. Ingraham
  7. Scottish Blue, L. Varnum 

Sixth, Pace, $3,200

  1. Daydreamer Jo, D. Deslandes
  2. Hot Cakes, A. Harrington
  3. Vegas Strip Three, Mp. Sowers
  4. Oh Whata Nightjohn, A. Hall
  5. Memory Dream, N. Graffam
  6. Downeast Foxy Lady, B. Ranger
  7. Saratoga Liz, Mm. Athearn
  8. Diabolical Spin, K. Switzer Jr. 

Seventh, Pace, $3,000

  1. Roll Back, J. Beckwith
  2. Card Rustler, D. Ingraham
  3. Lemonaideshine, B. Ranger
  4. Roddy’s Nor’easter, K. Switzer Jr.
  5. Stonebridge Adam, Mp. Sowers
  6. Waltzking Hanover, G. Mosher
  7. Sachertorte, A. Harrington 

Eight, Pace, $3,000

  1. Pembroke Bambino, G. Mosher
  2. Penney’s Spirit, Mp. Sowers
  3. Southwind Inferno, A. Harrington
  4. Tomitta Bayama, K. Switzer Jr.
  5. Van Helsing, Ma. Athearn
  6. Artys Wish, B. Ranger
  7. When In Doubt, W. Campbell 

Ninth, Pace, $3,600

  1. Blue Zombie, N. Graffam
  2. Energy Shakes, D. Deslandes
  3. Brett McFavrelous, B. Ranger
  4. Hustling Charley, Mp. Sowers
  5. Code Word, G. Mosher
  6. Southwind Terror, K. Switzer Jr.
  7. Village Beat, A. Harrington
  8. Electrify, A. Hall 

Tenth, Pace, $4,200

  1. Bullseye, G. Mosher
  2. Winning Drive, K. Butterfield
  3. Dirty Devil, A. Harrington
  4. McRusty, D. Deslandes
  5. Drain Daddy, Pb. Sowers
  6. Donegal Jim, F. Petrelli 

Eleventh, Pace, $2,600

  1. Nowhining Bluechip, D. Deslandes
  2. Getmeoutofdebt, D. Niles
  3. Emperor Montana N, S. Taggart
  4. Ohm Like Clockwork, A. Hall
  5. Only Way I Know, G. Mosher
  6. Ella’s Angel, Mp. Sowers
  7. Vicky Killean, D. Ingraham
  8. Wake, N. Graffam


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