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Why did the 45 ducks cross the road? Well, you know the joke — and the answer.

A line of ducks crossed a busy Maine road on Wednesday morning, and Karen Ramunno of Biddeford was there to capture it on video, which she shared on her Facebook page.

“Proof that there are more good people in this world than bad,” Ramunno wrote in her post. “Not one person in the 2 lines of traffic were beeping or impatient with these guys! Even the last 2 stragglers!”

The area that surrounds this popular Biddeford road is popular with wildlife because a small pond is located on one side and wetlands are on the other, according to WGME.

And this isn’t the first time the road has been the location of a duck crossing, and unfortunately some have not been as lucky as this pack of 45.

Biddeford Public Works came out and cleaned out a culvert in hopes that the ducks would cross under the road instead. MaineDOT also put up around 40-feet of snow fencing to barricade the area.