A Massachusetts man lost power after taking off in a ultralight plane Saturday morning, crashing into Moosehead Lake. He was not injured. Credit: WGME via Rockwood Fire & Rescue

ROCKWOOD, Maine — A Massachusetts man practicing takeoffs over Moosehead Lake crashed an ultralight plane Saturday morning but avoided injury.

Rockwood Fire and Rescue Chief Del Hume said he watched the plane go down around 10 a.m. Saturday after the ultralight lost power.

The plane is a total loss after it broke up upon impact. Someone on a jet ski pulled the pilot out of the plane. The pilot was wearing a life jacket, Hume said.

Hume was able to pull the plane to shore with a rope.

The pilot took off from a boat launch on Village Road in his new ultralight, getting about 20 feet off the ground, witnesses told Hume.