Sunrise over Moosehead Lake

Supporters of a plan to acquire land and create a downtown park on green space on the shorefront of Moosehead Lake announced their plans Friday during a press briefing in Greenville.

The Moosehead Lake Region Economic Development Corporation said it will launch a fundraising effort that will create a park with direct access to the state’s largest lake in downtown Greenville.

Community stakeholders have spent several years planning for Greenville’s future and identified downtown rejuvenation as a priority.

E.J. Richardson, whose family is behind the initiative and will sell the land that would be used for the park, explained their motivation.

“Our family has lived on Moosehead for generations and has seen the loss of recreational access to the lake,” Richardson said. “Working with the MLREDC, it is our hope to secure a solid future for all to enjoy the benefits of Moosehead Lake.”

Moosehead Lake Region Economic Development Corporation president Steve Levesque announced the launch of a $250,000 fundraising campaign and welcomed gifts of all amounts from those who love Moosehead Lake.

Moosehead Lake Region Economic Development Corporation board members and a lead donor — the Libra Foundation — already have contributed more than $60,000 to the project.

John Holyoke

John Holyoke has been enjoying himself in Maine's great outdoors since he was a kid. He spent 28 years working for the BDN, including 19 years as the paper's outdoors columnist or outdoors editor. While...