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Every month, the Bangor Metro Obsessions: Food column features what we can’t get enough of. From restaurant dishes to drinks, cooking products to desserts, we love to share a wide variety of foods.


Maine Mead Works Lavender Lemonade Mead

Why we love it: Lavender and lemon have to be one of my favorite flavor combinations. It’s zesty and sweet and I just can’t get enough of it. Luckily I don’t have to look too far as Nocturnem Draft Haus which sells Lavender Lemonade Mead from Portland-based Maine Mead Works. It is made by blending mead and fresh lemon and infusing it with lavender and mint. It’s bubbly and light and is a great alternative to beers that may fill you up. It is an excellent refresher for these warm summer months.
— Rosemary Lausier


Avocado Toast at Fork and Spoon in Downtown Bangor

Why we love it: Avocado toast has become the butt of jokes as the breakfast of Millennials who’ll never afford their own homes. But as a non-Millennials (depending on your source, I am somewhere between Generation X and a Xennial) who has owned a home before, I feel qualified to say that 1) avocado toast is a tasty, nutritious breakfast food and 2) good avocado toast is downright delightful. The Avocado Toast at Fork and Spoon in Downtown Bangor is definitely delightful. I stumbled onto it one busy morning when my daughter and I were killing 30 minutes with a quick breakfast before her theater camp started. What I wasn’t expecting was how the grainy bread, smear of smashed avocado and drizzle of olive oil would come together with the sprinkling of sea salt and crushed red pepper to form a near-perfect toast. It’s a satisfying on-the-go breakfast option.
— Sarah Walker Caron

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Smoked Old Fashioned

Why we love it: In an age of ultra specialized, over the top craft cocktails, sometimes all a girl wants is something comfortably old fashioned. Literally.

As a fan of bourbon-based cocktails, to me there are few things more relaxing than sipping a well-made Old Fashioned cocktail at the end of the day. Earlier this summer I sampled a pretty great twist on the traditional bourbon, sugar and Angostura bitters combination on the rocks while staying at Cohill’s Inn [, 7 Water Street, 733-4300] in Lubec.

There, co-owner and chief mixologist Glenn Charles prepares a “Smoked Old Fashioned” which is equal parts cocktail and mixologist-performance art. Charles uses the traditional Old Fashioned ingredients but before combining them in the glass, he pulled out a fancy, mini-smoker to fill an overturned glass with smoke apple, maple, cherry or whatever woodchips he decides to use.

Once the glass is fully smoked, Charles quickly turns it right-side-up and mixes what is already a great and perfectly balanced Old Fashioned. All that smoke quickly dissipates, leaving just a hint of smoky essence on the back of the pallet. It’s a drink meant to be sipped, savored and combined with great conversation. Call me old fashioned, but to me that’s pretty close to perfection.
— Julia Bayly

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