File photo from the Bangor State Fair. Credit: Archives

It’s that time of year again, folks: The Bangor State Fair.

Now in it’s 170th year, the fair has amused and entertained generations of Mainers in the Bangor area. From classic fare such as rollercoasters and the 4-H competitions to more recent additions such as sushi eating contests, the Bangor State Fair has it all.

We’re looking back at 170 years of memories by digging some of our favorite photos out of the archives. We’ve included a few of them in this quiz below. Can you guess which year each photographs was taken?

Afterward, check out our full gallery of Bangor State Fair photos, from vintage pics to more recent years.

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Want to see more photographs unearthed from our archives? Check out more throwback photos here.

Lindsay Putnam

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