Lexi Rich picks lobster meat at the 47th annual Yarmouth Clam Festival in July 2012. Credit: Troy R. Bennett | BDN

There are plenty of new foods at the Yarmouth Clam Festival. That’s in part because of the rise in clam prices.

Festival organizers say their purchase price for clams is about $10 higher per gallon than last year, but they are not going to pass that cost onto the customers.

[Greg Brady actor steps out of the attic and into the Yarmouth Clam Festiva]

Instead, they are offering some additional food items to make up for the cost.

“We are adding two more items this year, I believe it’s right up here on this sign, it’s the veggie slaw and the jalapeno poppers. So we’re trying to alleviate, if people don’t want to spend that much on clams,” organizer Heidi Negm said.