An East Millinocket police officer became a national sensation over the weekend after a video of him showcasing his dance moves went viral.

Officer Eze VanBuckley showed off his “glorious” dance moves early Saturday morning as part of “The Git Up” challenge, the East Millinocket Police Department said in a Facebook post accompanying the video.

It’s not just VanBuckley’s fellow officers who were impressed by his moves. By Monday morning, the video had been shared nearly 2,000 times and was featured in media outlets from Nebraska to the United Kingdom.

“The Git Up” challenge takes its name from country singer Blanco Brown’s breakaway hit “The Git Up,” which has topped Billboard’s country music charts. Since the song was released on May 3, it has inspired a dance challenge — based on the song’s lyrics — attracting everyone from teens to firefighters to bust a move.

At least in East Millinocket, though, VanBuckley may not have to share the stage.

“VanBuckley will not be leading a training on dance moves to our other officers because we can admit, we aren’t as talented as him,” the department’s Facebook post reads.