A New Hampshire woman who lives in public housing is being told by the housing authority that her Trump flag must come down. Credit: CBS 13

A New Hampshire woman who lives in public housing said she was told by the housing authority that her Trump 2020 flag must come down.

Kay Keenan, who lives in a public housing unit of the Rochester Housing Authority, is a President Donald Trump supporter, and she put up a Trump 2020 flag outside her apartment by the U.S. flag.

“I was just so excited that he started his campaign again,” Keenan said. “That’s when I saw the flag and wanted to just display it to express my enthusiasm.”

Keenan said she thought the Trump flag might rub some people the wrong way, and when she got home last weekend, she saw the housing authority had taken her flag down.

“They took the flag out of the post while I wasn’t home,” Keenan said. “And saw it down by my mailbox with a note, a handwritten note, that said, ‘We’ve received too many complaints about your flag. And you are not to put it up again.’”

Under the Rochester Housing Authority rules, “No items of any kind are allowed to be exhibited by a tenant on any part of the outside or inside common space of the buildings. These items include signs, advertisements, notices, banners, flags and more.”

Attorney Jerry Grossman said the Trump flag violates the lease agreement, but the housing authority did not say she had to take down the American flag, even though flags are against the rules.

“I would say an American flag would be OK, in my personal opinion, cause that’s our country’s flag,” Grossman said.

Keenan said people she used to have conversations with now walk past her or don’t speak with her.

But others see nothing wrong with it.

“It’s a free country, last I heard,” her neighbor Penny Wiliams said. “And even though it’s political, everybody’s got a right to their belief.”

Keenan believes the housing authority is trampling on her First Amendment rights.

“I should be able to put a Trump flag up in freedom of my beliefs and my choices,” Keenan said. “I’m happy with the job he’s doing. I’m happy with my president. And I’m proud.”

Keenan is appealing the housing authority rule against flags. Until then, the housing authority is allowing her to keep her flag up.