Speak out against detention

I’m desperately trying to understand why we have heard so little from our elected representatives in response to the horrific conditions babies and children are subjected to in U.S. border detention centers.

After Sen. Susan Collins’ office was flooded with mothers and young children calling for the closing of the centers holding children, she issued a statement claiming that the new border-funding bill will address the horrific camp conditions. This is highly unlikely, since the bill contains no prerequisites for supplying the nutritious meals, beds and medical care most children are currently without.

How can Collins, Sen. Angus King and Reps. Chellie Pingree and Jared Golden sleep at night knowing that babies are denied fresh diapers, that meals are frequently uncooked oatmeal or frozen burritos, that there are not enough beds, that many of the children cry themselves to sleep? What if it was their child or grandchild?

Patricia Taub


We want news, not your opinions

I was reading the BDN’s Saturday paper and I cannot be the only one that is sick, sick, sick of reading about the illegals and asylum seekers. There is a saying: Charity begins at home. We need to help the residents of Maine before we use tax monies to help others. Our homeless are being provided tents for moms and their children. Tents, really! They were not given “pancake breakfasts.”

We complain about “cages” for the thousands of illegals and having children staying in them. Where is the outrage for children staying in tents? Do they have indoor accommodations and other benefits that the “caged” children have? I think not. A recent OpEd mentioned an Ethiopian immigrant working three jobs, and I have compassion for him. But I also know quite a few Maine residents that are also working three jobs. We really need to fix our own problems closer to home before we think we can save the world. In a perfect world, it would be super if the news media could try and be a little more fair and balanced with information and let the listeners and readers make their own decisions. We don’t want your opinions, we want the news.

I’m ashamed, but not surprised, by the Bangor News to consistently print this so-called news, which borders on brainwashing and looking for sympathy. We need a lot of that for our own. Well, what do you expect from a liberal newspaper?

Catherine Meyer


Mills makes good on environmental promises

I am writing to share my enthusiastic support for Governor Janet Mills’ efforts to protect our environment.

In her campaign, she committed to taking action to address climate change and transitioning Maine to a clean energy economy, and she has made good on her promise.

She sponsored legislation aiming to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 80 percent by 2050, and she created a climate council to determine how to reach the goal. She set a goal and sponsored legislation to get 100,000 heat pumps into Maine homes. She led on offshore wind and funded electric vehicle rebates. She signed legislation last week that sets a goal for Maine to transition to 100 percent clean, renewable electricity by 2050.

Her Department of Environmental Protection wrote legislation to create a “sustenance fishing” water classification in waters important to Maine’s tribes, meaning that water must be clean enough to support eating more fish than is currently recommended.

I hope we can all agree that our environment is vitally important to our health, economy and overall quality of life. Governor Mills is doing her part and then some to make a positive difference.

J. Bradford Coffey