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The owner of the 66-foot vessel under Wiscasset Harbor admitted to a civil charge of littering at the Lincoln County Courthouse on Monday.

A hearing at 1 p.m. July 23 will determine the penalty for Christopher G. Morrison, 51.

The vessel sunk during a blizzard in January 2018. When Morrison did not remove it, the Maine Marine Patrol summonsed him for littering July 31, 2018. The vessel remains in the harbor.

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According to court documents, Morrison has said he does not have insurance and lacks the financial means to remove the boat, even if the court orders him to do so. The cost to remove the vessel has been estimated at $15,000-$19,000.

Last fall, the Maine Marine Patrol discussed the issue with Dave Chabot, of the Maine Warden Service’s Landowner Relations Program, who said the program might be able to help.

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During a recent phone interview, Chabot said he has not given up looking for help and funding for the removal of the vessel, but it would be a huge effort to get a vessel that size to shore.

According to Maine law, penalties for littering vary depending on the volume and weight of the litter. The penalties may include a fine, a cleanup requirement, and public service.

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