No war with Iran

Here we go again on the path to war — this time with Iran. Enough of these trumped-up excuses to go to war, such as Iraq’s supposed nuclear activities. National Security adviser John Bolton has long called for regime change in Iran, and seems bent on provoking an attempt at that.

After trillions have been spent (and still are) in the Middle East, resulting in the deaths of US men and women plus inhabitants of several countries, it is time to preserve life and spend our treasure on infrastructure in our own country, let alone easing the homeless situation in our cities.

Thank heavens for Senator Angus King’s questioning of the Trump administration’s tactics regarding Iran and warning of danger, as reported in the Bangor Daily News on May 17. Contact our members of Congress and voice concern.

Harrison and Marilyn Roper


Cost of recycling

Recently, I read the report published about the cost of recycling and thoughts from the Ecomaine facility. My town, Alton, stopped recycling this year.

It is very discouraging that to do what is right is so costly, and now it is even more of a challenge for our small town. The nearest recycling facility that accepts from all towns is Bangor. Luckily, our town will soon be under a different contract that does some separation at the facility. Since many residents of rural towns do not directly pay for our removal like some other Maine towns and cities, recycling is not as widely adopted. Recycling and what is offered and accepted in each town is very inconsistent across the state.

Many people recycle bottles and other items that have a deposit to get the return. Should this also be considered for other recyclables? I am very proud to live in a state that is banning Styrofoam, but now we need to prepare to recycle the replacement for these containers.

Thank you for the climate change publications done over this year. I am asking that the BDN keep this as a consistent focus and possibly report more on recycling, incentives, and progress of our state in reducing waste. It needs to be a continuing theme and reminder for people.

Pushing for alignment and consistency across the state is definitely the next step. Thank you for your time and being the voice of Mainers! I truly hope to see these efforts continued!

Kimberly Kennedy


Maine’s Electoral College vote

Our Founding Fathers wrote the Electoral College into Article II of our Constitution back in 1787 and later again in the 12th Amendment, so that rural states like Maine would have a bigger voice in national elections. Maine has four Electoral College votes out of 538 in the country. Four is a small percentage of 538 but it’s a bigger percentage than if Maine includes its total vote count of 771,892 with the total country wide vote of more than 136 million in the last election.

Our Maine Senate recently voted 19 to 16 to do away with Maine’s use of the Electoral College. Why would the Maine Senate vote ourselves out of the Electoral College when it means we have less say in national elections?

I suspect it’s a very partisan move by our Senate because Trump won the Second Congressional District in Maine, which awarded him one Electoral College vote in the last national election. Is the Maine Senate that afraid of Trump in 2020 that it must change the 232-year-old national election rules and disregard what’s in Maine’s best interest? Fortunately, the Electoral College is a Constitutional issue and the Maine Senate voting to do away with it probably won’t mean very much, except it makes us look foolish.

Richard de Grasse