Preserve our Pine Tree State

Try to trace the complex ownership of Central Maine Power: Iberdrola, Avangrid, Connecticut, New York, Maine. This is a Spanish corporation owning other corporations, owning other corporations. What is Central Maine Power?

We, the people of Maine, must stop CMP’s proposed transmission corridor through western Maine.

When will we learn that money does not trump everything? We live here because of Maine’s beauty, wilderness, ocean, rivers, farms and fields. Maine is “the way life should be.” We cannot allow outside interests to ruin our state.

When our state is crisscrossed with power lines and pavement, where will we go for solitude and renewal? This is our state and we need to preserve it for our children and grandchildren to enjoy and love as much as we do.

Maybe a Maine-owned power company is the answer. But a corridor through our western mountains owned by people who may not have our best interests at heart is definitely not the answer.

Stand up Mainers, and preserve our Pine Tree State.

Marilyn C. Kenyon


Maine already leads with presidential voting

Maine has what is, in my opinion, the best method of apportioning its electoral votes: one for the presidential candidate winning the popular vote in each individual congressional district, and two additional votes for the candidate winning the popular vote across Maine.

Only Nebraska shares this method, adopting it in 1992, 20 years after Maine. Rather than Maine jumping on the bandwagon to throw all our electoral votes to the national majority, I would encourage other states to follow our model. Let us lead, not follow.

Those who support surrendering our electoral votes to the national majority arrive at this intention based on how it would affect specific past elections or due to their agreement with what they perceive to be the current national majority. It is dangerous to give up your long-term voice in pursuit of a short-term goal.

Dustin Smiley


Shocked by equal rights amendment vote

I was stunned to read that LD 433, a measure to allow the people of Maine to vote on an equal rights amendment to the Maine Constitution, didn’t receive one Republican vote in the House of Representative last Tuesday. How can anyone not be in favor of equal opportunities and pay for women? Getting state and federal equal rights amendments should be a bipartisan effort. Despite statistics to the contrary, it is often claimed that women already have equal rights. And some opponents claim that the amendment somehow leads to abortion.

There is no mention of abortion in the language of the measure, which says that, “Equality of rights under the law may not be denied or abridged by the State or any political subdivision of the State based on the sex of an individual.” If the objection to the amendment is really about abortion, then those opposing it should instead strive to get abortion banned in their state, not hold women’s legal rights hostage to get what they want — which won’t really get them what they want anyway. Looking around the country, the link is not very strong. There are states with such amendment s that have very restrictive abortion laws and states without them that have less restrictive abortion laws, such as Maine.

An issue as important as amending the Maine Constitution to give equal rights to women and to prohibit discrimination based on sex should be at the core of our democracy. The Republican lawmakers in the State House should quit blocking the amendment from going to a vote, and let the people of Maine decide.

Leda Beth Gray

Blue Hill

Represent all of Maine

The Maine state government should stop disenfranchising the voters in Maine’s 2nd Congressional District. The unwanted ranked-choice voting negated our preferred candidate and gave us the unwanted Rep. Jared Golden. Maine’s 1st District, California and New York could decide our presidential votes. The people in Augusta are not representing all Maine voters. What do you they plan next?

Stephen Carle