As an honorary junior firefighter with the Dover-Foxcroft Fire Department Brayson Dunton, left, was able to take his friend Evan Seavey for a ride in the cab of the department’s Tower 1 truck on Saturday morning. Firefighters drove the two up to the Pine Crest Business Park where the boys got to see some of the truck ladder capabilities. Credit: Stuart Hedstrom | Piscataquis Observer

DOVER-FOXCROFT — A 10-year-old boy who battled a brain tumor took a step toward his dream of one day becoming a firefighter by being named an honorary junior firefighter with the Dover-Foxcroft Fire Department during a presentation at the station on Saturday. Brayson Dunton, who is a fourth-grader at the SeDoMoCha Elementary School, also had the opportunity to take a ride in the cab of his favorite ladder truck, being joined for the trip by his friend and classmate Evan Seavey.

“I want to be a firefighter when I grow up because they help people,” Dunton said shortly before he and Seavey climbed the steps to get into the cab of the Tower 1 truck. Dunton said when he was younger he dressed as a firefighter for Halloween which contributed to his aspiration.

Dover-Foxcroft Fire Department Capt. Eric Berce said several weeks ago Dunton was given a fire department/police escort into town following his last round of chemotherapy after previously having the tumor removed. “He told me his dream was to be a firefighter so that is what we’re doing today,” Berce said before the presentation.

Inside the fire station, 10 members of the department joined Dunton and his family as he was given a plaque signifying him as an honorary junior firefighter. Deputy Chief Rick Pembroke said May is National Brain Tumor Awareness Month.

Dunton was given a department T-shirt as well as a hat with Tower 1 listed on it, and Seavey was also given a matching shirt and hat.

“When you turn 14 you can come on board,” Berce told Dunton about the age when he can become a junior firefighter.

“Thanks again for being our hero,” Pembroke said at the conclusion of the presentation. Dunton and Seavey then rode in Tower 1 up to the Pine Crest Business Park where they got to see a demonstration of the truck’s ladder capabilities.