L.L. Bean's stand-up paddleboarding Discovery Course. Credit: Courtesy of L.L. Bean

Starting Memorial Day weekend, L.L. Bean plans to offer free outdoor Discovery Courses, including stand-up paddleboarding and sporting clays, through the end of June.

The courses, which normally cost $25 each, will be free from May 25 through June 30, the retailer said Monday.

Mastercard will support the program, said Gretchen Ostherr, director of Outdoor Discovery Programs at L.L. Bean.

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L.L. Bean issued a new Mastercard last July that racks up “Bean Buck” points that don’t expire as long as the card is used.

Sign ups for the courses start Monday on L.L. Bean’s website.

The courses also include archery, kayaking, fly-casting and mountain biking. Fly-casting, sporting clays and mountain biking are only available in Maine.

Ostherr said the free courses are meant to get people outside to learn something new with friends and family.