June 26, 2019
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Monday, May 13, 2019: Cleaner and greener, real elections reform, join the community watch

NECEC a cleaner, greener option

The New England Clean Energy Connect is a project Maine badly needs. It will bring thousands of construction jobs with it and pump hundreds of millions of dollars into our economy. But what’s even more impressive are the benefits that come with it to Maine’s environment.

The NECEC corridor from Quebec to Lewiston includes roughly 50 miles of working forests that have already been harvested for lumber for more than a century and more than 90 miles of already existing Central Maine Power transmission corridor.

The path does not run through any pristine forest and concern over the Kennebec Gorge has been greatly reduced now that CMP has decided to run the line under the river as opposed to over it. That’s important to me being a fisherman, a hunter and somebody who enjoys all the outdoor opportunities our beautiful state has to offer.

Cleaner, greener energy options are a necessity with the threat of climate change becoming more real by the day. With such careful mapping by CMP, NECEC will make it possible for Maine and every New England state to have efficient, reliable and affordable energy for decades to come.

Carl Wallace

South Gardiner

Real elections reform

LD 211 is proposed to improve Maine’s elections by allowing voters not enrolled in a political party to vote in one primary election.

Maine’s election system needs more fundamental reform: Stop subsidizing partisan politics with tax money. That means having no accommodations for political parties in Maine election law. No registration of voters by political party. No separate provisions for getting on the ballot for party nominees; every candidate will have to qualify by the rules that now apply to independent candidates. And no primary elections paid for by taxpayers.

Political parties won’t need to disappear. Parties can help their candidates qualify to get on the ballot. They can assemble their own voter lists, even hold their own primary elections to choose their candidates.

Political parties will have to operate differently. They are full of wicked smart people. They’ll figure it out.

To complete the reform: Amend the Maine Constitution to have elections decided by majority vote. On the ballot, list candidates without party labels. Schedule run-off elections in December for races if nobody wins in November.

We’ll have majority-rules elections without ranked-choice voting. The State of Maine will save money. And taxpayers won’t be funding primaries.

David Paul Henry


Join the community watch

The Greater Bangor Area Community Watch is doing our annual member drive. Membership costs nothing, just sign up at one of our social media pages.

Please spread the word and join us! We firmly believe that creating safer communities, and by joining together, we can and will take back our streets.

We can’t always wait on responses from police departments and the DEA to help us; our problems are too small and don’t involve the bigger fish. So it really is on us to work together to eliminate these threats at that level.

This network is huge but individually very hard for police to follow up on, due to its fluid nature.

We will help anyone as much as we can. We even have a few volunteers to help install security equipment and cameras, if need be, to capture the evidence needed by authorities to act.

We also still have more than 100 motion sensors provided by Kangaroo. They are wireless and use wifi to notify your cell phone of intrusion. The device even comes with a free mobile app which includes free membership.

Kevin Loring



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