PEN literary service award recipient Stephen King attends the 2018 PEN Literary Gala at the American Museum of Natural History in New York, May 22, 2018. Credit: Evan Agostini | Invision | AP

Every “Game of Thrones” fan seemingly has an opinion as to how the wildly popular series will conclude — even Stephen King.

With only two episodes remaining, the horror-story connoisseur tweeted his pick as to who will likely be reigning over the Seven Kingdoms, and his selection is of “small” surprise.

“Suppose — just suppose, now — that Jon [Stark] and [Daenerys] BOTH died (along with Cersei, of course),” tweeted King Monday. “Suppose — just suppose — that a certain little man with a big heart ended sitting on the Iron Throne?”

The “little man” in question refers to Tyrion, the Lannister dwarf and younger brother of Cersei.

But Twitter user jules rules, responding to King’s tweet, is putting her money on the once-naive-now-hardened Sansa.

“I’m thinking just maybe Sansa Stark might show up and kill Cersei as she, I feel, has the most history and hate for this woman,” she wrote, to which King replied, “That would be good, but man, Sansa is COLD.”

Sansa — who had married Tyrion — and Cersei’s tempestuous history certainly makes this possibility a compelling one.

If you’re looking for clues from the all-star cast, you’ll likely be disappointed. Not only are the actors remaining tight-lipped about the show’s conclusion but all of the major players remain alive on the series.

Online gaming website seems to be backing Sansa. Odds, updated May 7, have her as 5/2 sitting on the Iron Throne — meaning a successful $20 bet would net a $50 profit. The betting line on Cersi has plummeted; her victory odds are a dispiriting 25/1.