A vaccination message for legislators

Have our legislators realized that LD 798, an act to remove all non-medical vaccination exemptions in Maine, is a bipartisan issue? Have they heard that this is the bill turning their constituents into one-issue voters? Oppose LD 798; Mainers support the right to bodily autonomy.

Bethany Allgrove


Death with dignity

On average, approximately 70 people per year take advantage of Oregon’s ” death with dignity” escape from hopeless suffering. Ugly death is rare but likely to convince those who witness it that physician aid in dying is a blessing to the patient and to their family.

To anyone who has held the hand of a loved one dying in agony, any argument against Maine’s proposed LD 1313 appears cruel. This bill ought to pass.

Gerald Metz, M.D.


Advice for a pope

Concerning Pope Benedict XVI’s recent attempt to be helpful in the midst of the greatest Catholic catastrophe since the Reformation, I speak as a retired religious leader, who did some specialty work as a certified interim minister.

He is no longer the pope. His opinions, if he feels a need to share them, should be directed in private to the current pope, Francis. He chose to retire. Now his helpful attempts may be overwhelming his successor. He may even be jeopardizing the notion of retirement for popes.

As pope he had his opportunity to deal with the sexual abuse situation. I give him credit for making some progress in addressing this stain on the church. However, he did not address the conspiracy of silence. He left that to his successor. So let him handle it with the assistance of the Holy Spirit.

I had to deal with many retired ministers who felt the need to hang onto their former roles, and thus made life miserable for their successors. I am giving Pope Benedict the benefit of the doubt that he is sincerely trying to be helpful. But sincerity often paves the road to hell.

The merits of his arguments are not the issue. The correctness of his analysis is not the issue. The publicizing of his opinions is the issue. Now he has the opportunity to bless us with his silence, and bless Francis by whispering in his ear.

Maurice Landry


I support death with dignity, no matter what you call it

Thank you to the Bangor Daily News for supporting death with dignity legislation. As an older Mainer who never leaves home without her “Do Not Resuscitate” order, I think it is about time. And fine with me if you call it assisted suicide.

I am fortunate to enjoy an active and independent life, for now. For me, the prospect of incurable illness or irreparable injury, with attending debility and dependence, is worse than death. As is the reality that resources allocated to prolonging a life I would not welcome could be better spent on those with better prospects or different perspectives.

Many of those who demand that the government enforce their opposition to choice at the start and end of life are the same folks who oppose government assistance for essential life supporting services, such as affordable health care. Their inconsistencies should be taken into account when considering their arguments.

Annlinn Kruger

Bar Harbor