A New Hampshire man died Friday night after he tried to rescue his dog that fell through the ice on a pond. Credit: New Hampshire Fish and Game via CBS 13

A man died after he took his dog for a walk on a western New Hampshire pond and fell through the ice when he tried to save his dog.

Marlborough police were asked to perform a welfare check on a resident on Friday morning who had not been seen since Thursday afternoon, according to New Hampshire Fish and Game.

After a search of his home and the area nearby, neighbors were asked where he liked to walk his dog. Neighbors provided a list and being searching themselves.

Fish and game wardens along with fire and police officials from several agencies joined the search.

Neighbors said they found a suspicious hole on Meetinghouse Pond about 49 yards from shore. Dog and human tracks were found in the area, and searchers found what appeared to be a deceased dog under the ice.

Ice rescue teams recovered the dog and the New Hampshire Fish and Game dive team recovered the man’s body.

Officials said it appears the resident was walking his dog as usual in the evening when the dog broke through the ice on the pond.

The man tried to save the dog with a large pine limb but also fell into the ice and drowned in about 12 feet of water.