Buying bragging rights

I have a different take on the recently revealed college admissions scandal.

The reigning explanation has been that the exposed parents are seeking educational privilege for their children. Maybe. I don’t think so.

I suspect that those parents, as well as most ” legacy parents” are not buying privilege for their children. Rather, the real objectives are increased bragging rights; enhanced status for themselves.

Their reasoning is, I suspect, that having children “achieve” such great attainment reflects very favorably on the quality of the parents. Social climbing has no limits.

Charles T. McHugh


Irrational liberal mindset

I couldn’t help but note yet another example of the typically convoluted, irrational thought processes of the liberal mind in the March 15 BDN.

On Page A7, there was a political cartoon customarily denigrating Republican President Donald Trump and anything he might attempt to do: he was characterized as Ebenezer Scrooge desiring to reduce social welfare programs so as to “decrease the surplus population.”

Then, on page B3, there was an article entitled, “Mills submits abortion change bill.” The article informed us that Democratic Gov. Janet Mills is seeking to expand the number of health care providers who can legally perform abortions to physician assistants, advanced practice registered nurses and nurse mid-wives. Apparently, Mills believes the state of Maine is not seeing enough unborn children disposed of and we need even more people to perform abortions.

This leads me to a question: who’s actually trying to “decrease the surplus population?”

Lynn Weston


Count me out

I am a “senior” now. Actually, I have been for a while. I’m 72. At one time, many years ago, I thought I wanted to live forever. Not so much anymore. We have attacks on our Constitution, an increase in hate groups or individual hate, and certain political groups who can’t figure out that if you want to spend $100 but only have $10, the math just does not work out very well. Our once great, but not perfect, society is going down the toilet. I don’t want to be around to see how it all ends.

David Winslow


A different electoral reform

Get rid of the Electoral College? It may only empower the voters in states that happen to be closely divided in any election year. But is LD 816, An Act to Implement the National Popular Vote for President of the United States, the solution to our larger election woes? Can’t America become a representative Democracy? Why continue as a Parti-auk-racy?

LD 816 empowers voters who are Democrats or Republicans. The l argest group of voters in America are those who don’t want to be party members. In some states, they are required to join a party to vote in primaries, even though the taxpayer pays for these elections. Why?

These private entities control ballot access over our elections from the primaries through the presidential, abetted by the media. If every American voter was treated the same and could vote for any candidate within a state and the presidential elections, America would truly be a representative democracy. That kind of voter and candidate freedom is more fundamental than LD 816 and would make America greater than before.

Joe H. Pickering Jr.