Potholes and deficits

What a winter! Even the potholes have potholes. Some bemoan Trump’s 2017 tax cut for corporate interests, saying that $1.9 trillion over the next decade might have been more wisely used to rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure. Not me: I happily endure every bone-rattling jolt, secure in the knowledge that any day now untold benefits will “trickle down” from the sky like manna from heaven. Thank you, Susan Collins, for having helped to secure passage of this beneficial legislation. Full steam ahead, I say, potholes and deficits be damned!

Phil Locke


This is God’s country

CMP wants to spend almost $1 billion on a 145-mile electrical corridor across three western Maine Counties. Gov. Janet Mills claims this will “bring substantial and concrete long-term benefits to the people of Maine.” She claims it will “suppress the price of electricity,” while some other organizations point to money for high-speed broadband and environmentally-friendly energy.

The benefits package includes $50 million for a low income customer benefits fund and $140 million for the rate relief fund to reduce rates to Mainers will be spread out over 40 years. However, the estimated cost savings per household will be only a couple of cents.

The $258M benefits package is nothing more than payola. A buy-out of our state. Some groups have sold out for recreational access promised by CMP on their lines. The counties apparently want broadband upgrades, and property taxes income. Others believe the promise that greenhouse gases will be decreased. There is little evidence to indicate any benefits for green energy in Maine. In fact, significant congestion on the transmission lines could make it harder for the renewable energy industry to tie into the infrastructure and cost more!

Essentially, they will destroy rivers, forests, animal habitats, fishing, hunting, rafting, tourism and the peace of Maine. For what? To give CMP and its Spanish owner Iberdrola a lot of earning potential, and Massachusetts cheaper electricity. As the Kokadjo sign states, “This is God’s country.”

Diane Vernesoni


I bought my third hat

I am not much of a hat guy, although I purchased another one today. It is a MAGA hat. I bought it to express a freedom of speech. I bought it because I want America to be greater again. After eight years of a president who downplayed American exceptionalism and left us with more people on welfare, this “bitter clinger” was ready for change. I wanted a president who cared about American sovereignty and American citizens.

I can’t remember another president in history criticizing his own country’s actions while standing on foreign soil. I was ready to feel good again about living in the greatest country in the world. I think back to when people were able to leave their doors unlocked, home invasions did not exist, police officers were not assassinated, there were no car jackings. It was a time when people were more civil and helped their neighbors.

The country’s flag was flown with pride. It was OK to be a Christian, and all religions were respected.

Some say MAGA has some racist meaning. I don’t see it.

Now I own three hats. I will place this cap next to my Army veteran hat and my NRA hat.

Terry Shortt