Mahoney Middle School Principal Carrie Stilphen sent a letter to parents Friday stating the student who made threats against the school recently would be welcomed back on Monday. Credit: CBS 13

A student charged by police with making threats against a South Portland school and its students was welcomed back to school Monday, according to the principal.

Mahoney Middle School Principal Carrie Stilphen in a letter sent to parents Friday said the student is “not a threat” to the school.

Two weeks ago, South Portland police charged a 14-year-old student with terrorizing after allegedly making threats directed toward other students.

Police said the school took action to prevent the student from returning to the school while police investigated. A few students stayed home from school on March 1 because of the threats.

In her letter to parents, Stilphen said she was letting the school community know in order to avoid a surprise and provide context to her decision.

“Since being made aware of the threats, we have coordinated our response with the South Portland Police Department. After a thorough investigation by both the school and the SPPD, I am confident that a plan is in place that will support this student upon his return, while also supporting the safety and concerns of our entire school community,” she wrote.

Stilphen said school officials worked closely with police.

“While working closely with the Police Department and school counselors, we have determined that the student is not a threat to the Mahoney community. So now it’s time for him to return,” she wrote.

“Young people make poor choices, and they learn from those choices and the consequences resulting from them. That’s where we are now. I share the details with you in this email with this student and his family’s consent, as they understand how important it is for people not to be surprised or alarmed by his return,” she wrote.

Stilphen said there is still work to do to restore relationships and repairing the harm done by the threats.

“On Monday, we will work with the student and staff to begin the re-entry process and continue to support both this student and the entire school community,” she wrote.