Credit: WGME | CBS 13

LITCHFIELD, Maine — Maine game wardens are investigating a group of snowmobilers who were caught on a surveillance camera riding over the roped-off green of a Litchfield golf course.

It happened last weekend at the Meadows Golf Club.

Owner of Meadows Golf Club Randall Anderson said he allows snowmobilers to ride on a few marked and groomed trails, but said a small group of snowmobilers decided to cut across the staked off No. 9 green and make some of their own trails.

He and the course superintendent said while the treads did not tear up the greens, they did compact the snow, which is known to suffocate greens and kill the grass.

“I know that 99.99 percent of the people are awesome. If somebody did do a mistake out here, whether it was intentional or not, I just want somebody to pay the damages,” Anderson said.

The golf course superintendent said it will take him three days to remove snow from the green to try and save it.

Even then, he and Anderson said they won’t know the amount of damage until spring.