A Consolidated Communications truck works on repairing a landline phone service outage on Center Street in Bangor.

About 40 Bangor households have been without landline phone service since Wednesday night following a weather-related outage, according to the service provider, Consolidated Communications.

Consolidated Communications crews were still working Thursday afternoon to repair the outage, spokeswoman Kathleen Rankin said. Two service vans seen on Center Street near St. Joseph Hospital were working on restoring service.

The landline cables are located underground between manholes, and those underground spaces can fill up with water and freeze during winter. When repeated freezing and thawing occurs, the wire encasement can crack, according to the company.

“They have already located the problem area and have pumped the water out of the underground space, and they’re working on drying the cable and repairing it,” Rankin said Thursday afternoon.

Rankin said no cables need to be replaced.

“We’re working on it now and hope service will resume soon,” she said.