March 22, 2019
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Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2019: Protect your vote, Maine’s forest heritage, I-395 connector

Maine’s forest heritage

We were all counting on the governor to make the right decision for our beautiful and beloved Maine. Janet Mills was the electoral choice of the many but alas she would give away our beloved woodland’s unspoiled and bounteous beauty for a few short-lived benefits. It is not too late to reverse course and fight CMP’s plan to mar our forest lands with an unsightly power grid to benefit Massachusetts. There is no need for the governor to be remembered as the politician who squandered Maine’s forest heritage for a few magic beans.

James Kenny


Bring back Non Sequitur

Please bring back Non Sequitur. I don’t want to name several other bland comic strips you carry that are vacuous and never funny or interesting. But by comparison, Non Sequitur is head-and-shoulders better. Always intelligent, pointed and worth reading; often funny. Please bring it back.

Craig Kesselheim

Southwest Harbor

Protect your vote

Residents of Maine, there is an urgent call to action happening in our state and few people know about it. The Legislature has just introduced two bills to take away your voice in the election process for president of the United States.

The National Popular Vote Interstate Compact is an underhanded, below the radar, end run around the Constitution to award the Electoral College votes from our state and any state that joins the compact to the winner of the national popular vote. That means that if Maine votes for Candidate X, but California, New York, Florida and Texas vote for candidate Y, all of the Maine votes would go to candidate Y because the majority would rule.

Don’t let this happen to our state. I urge you to contact both your state House and Senate legislators and let then know that you strongly oppose LD 418.

Linford Stillson


Green New Deal needed

I am writing today in enthusiastic support of the Green New Deal resolution, which addresses both environmental and economic crises impacting our country.

I support the Green New Deal overall, but of particular importance to me are: Net zero greenhouse gas emissions; economic security; infrastructure and industry investments; secure access to clean air, water and food for all; and justice and equity for frontline communities most impacted by climate change.

I urge everyone to call their members of Congress and ask them to support the resolution to bring real solutions to the looming climate crisis.

Carroll Payne


Thoughts on the I-395 connector

My heart goes out to the folks in jeopardy of the proposed Interstate 395 connector chopping through properties and bringing the cacophony of highway right to their very backyard. I wonder how many property owners had purchased land in this corridor since 1986, when the Veterans Memorial Bridge and I-395 to its present terminus was completed?

It’s blatantly obvious that the spur is necessary and has been for a long time. At I-395’s terminus, the logical continuation is straight ahead. To shuttle traffic left or right has always seemed to be illogical. Route 46 is an inadequate road not meant to carry heavy traffic or big trucks. Routing east-west traffic to downtown Brewer around that sharp corner near Joshua Chamberlain Park is insanity.

Our Canadian friends snowbirding to points south have a straight shot from the Maritimes except for around Brewer — as do the visitors from the south headed north on the interstate system.

The major mistake here is that the I-395 connector wasn’t completed in the 1980s.

Kate Tuck



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