More content, less whimsy

I read with surprise and chagrin the Feb. 3 BDN review of the Bangor Symphony Orchestra concert, at which Edward Allman performed Johann Baptist Vanhal’s concerto for string bass. The reviewer compared the sound of the bass to bears wrestling and stomachs growling. She said it was dissonant. There was nothing ursine about the Allman’s sound; rather it was was pure and sweet. Unlike intestinal rumblings, the music was often quite high, at the very top of the instrument’s range. Dissonant? I found the harmony quite traditional.

Was the reviewer listening during the music, or just imagining what she might write? I offer two ideas of more interesting content: She could have told us something about Allman’s uniquely shaped and obviously old instrument. Or she could have revealed something about the unusual tuning of the instrument, which I learned later from an inside source was a half step higher than the rest of the orchestra. This tuning would affect the sound and the technical possibilities.

The BDN readers deserve more content and less whimsical fantasy.

Lesley Straley


Tell LUPC to save Maine woods

Central Maine Power plans to profit from our loss by carving up the Maine woods. Are we supposed to sit back and essentially say that it’s not going to be that awful?

The North Woods is a treasure that belongs to all of us. Our rights are protected in part by the Land Use Planning Commission and specifically the nine appointed commissioners. The following counties are represented: Hancock, Penobscot, Washington, Oxford, Franklin, Somerset, Aroostook and Piscataquis. The Penobscot seat is currently vacant and the Somerset seat is being filled soon.

Just because Central Maine Power has already purchased the land necessary for this invasive project does not give them the right to destroy our environment.

Here is the list of commissioners to contact and express your opinion: James May of Mapleton, Millard Billings of Franklin, Betsy Fitzgerald of Machiasport, Robert Everett of Bethel, William Gilmore of Freeman Township, Durward Humphrey of Benedicta Township and Everett Worchester of Orneville.

Presumably these people love the Maine woods as much as we do.

Wendy Mae Chambers


Protect kids with vaccinations

I am saddened by the recent measles outbreak in Washington state. It’s particularly disheartening to think that this was preventable if children had been immunized prior to entering school.

Not all children develop immunity to the vaccination, and some children cannot be vaccinated due to illness. We are now having outbreaks of chickenpox and pertussis in Maine schools and mumps in Maine colleges. To minimize the spread of these diseases I think Maine parents need to protect their own children as well as the children who can’t be vaccinated due to medical reasons by following the recommended vaccination schedule.

I am concerned that Maine allows parents to exempt their children from vaccination for non-medical reasons and are putting many children at risk of great harm. I would encourage parents to call their legislators to support eliminating the non-medical exemption of school-age children from being vaccinated.

Peter Arabadjis, M.D.


Show me the data

It is true we have a climate change dilemma on our hands, but I am tired of all kinds of people blaming it all on humans for the sake of them getting donations and more money to waste.

What I want to see is for someone to show, with facts and data, how much of the climate change problem is based on humans and how much is based on a changing planet that has been evolving for billions of years with more climate changes than we even know about.

Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and more are not caused by humans and they are a big part of the climate change problem because they can go off at any time and throw ash thousands of feet into the air and that can block out the sun more than most anything else, which in turn, can not be blamed on humans.

Until I see someone come up with factual data on how much is humans and how much is the planet itself aging, then it is all a bunch of crap — and using it for one’s own interest and agenda is ridiculous and has no merit.

Robert Tomlins