July 23, 2019
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Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019: Community effort, no to NECEC, simple border technology

Community effort

As a Skowhegan native who relocated to Mount Desert Island, I was delighted to see my home town featured in a special advertising section and appreciated most of the copy in Jasmine Haines’ “6 Great Things” article. But how can she write about the Skowhegan Indian without mentioning its sculptor, Bernard “Blackie” Langlais?

Langlais had married Skowhegan native Helen Friend and was commissioned to create the piece, which he did in Cushing. It arrived by flatbed truck in the summer of 1969. That “community effort” to restore it was spearheaded by local builder and craftsman Steve Dionne. With more research, this article would have been able to recognize these important, creative people.

Marjory Russakoff

Southwest Harbor

Another Trump lie?

I was listening to a President Donald Trump interview over the weekend. He said they’ve already started to build the wall — big parts, it’s going to be beautiful — with money they had on hand. So what I’d like to know is, why was there a shutdown? Or is that another lie?

Last week, he didn’t agree with his own Intelligence officers. He told them to go back to school. That was similar to a previous statement of don’t believe what you see or hear. It was a congressional hearing on live TV.

Lynn Weston



On behalf of the Say NO to NECEC effort, I would like to remind our public advocate and other Public Utility Commission intervenors that there is no amount of short-term money worth the permanent destruction to the one of the last contiguous forests in the world. Maine’s brand, recreational tourism, native brook trout habitat, and way of life should not be discarded for an elective transmission upgrade that will not improve reliability for Maine’s ratepayers.

Central Maine Power’s New England Clean Energy Connect, a proposed transmission line through Maine to bring power to Massachusetts, does not represent new green energy and will prevent growth of Maine-based renewable energy. The proposal will not provide a true path toward climate sustainability or provide a reduction in global carbon dioxide emissions. Parties that wish to settle for their own profit interests should dig deep in to their conscience before selling out Maine to benefit their profit interests. The public may submit comments to the Public Utilities Commission.

Sandra Howard


Simple border technology

A recent drug bust stopped 254 pounds of fentanyl at the Arizona border, enough for 100 million lethal doses. This happened at a port-of-entry, where guards used a scanner and a search dog to find the drugs. Simple stuff works, so we need more guards, dogs, scanners and walls. However, the same amount of drugs could easily be carried by 10 people, with 25-pound packs, across an open border. We know what we catch, but not what we miss.

Unarmed drones and satellites can’t stop intruders, only alert the guards to chase them. Climbing a tall fence takes effort and time, and exposes the intruder. Fences reduce intrusions, and places without fences are a well-worn path of entry. Electronics aren’t cheap or foolproof, and require skilled technicians (who are in short supply) to operate, troubleshoot and repair or replace. By contrast, the simple walls of my house keep people away.

People cross the open border every day. We don’t know who they are, where they’re going, or what they’re bringing, unless we catch them. I’d prefer a fence, some dogs and some guards instead of complex video equipment watching them break the law.

Bruce Munger



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