In this image made from a video provided by lights illuminate police vehicles as authorities respond to a standoff at an apartment complex in Ohio, about 20 miles east of Cincinnati on Sunday. Credit: via AP

BATAVIA, Ohio — A sheriff’s deputy was shot and killed during a 12-hour standoff at an apartment complex in Ohio that left another deputy wounded and a suspect in custody, authorities said Sunday.

Capt. Jeff Sellars of the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office said officers responded about 7 p.m. Saturday to the Royal Oaks Apartments in Pierce Township, about 20 miles east of Cincinnati, following a 911 call from a man who said he believed someone was inside of his residence.

Authorities say the caller then said that he was armed and eventually told the dispatcher that he was suicidal.

But it was unclear from authorities’ statements whether the caller was referring to himself or to the person he said was inside his home. It was also unclear whether the suspect himself made the call. Authorities found only one person in the home.

Police agencies came under “a barrage” of gunfire and two deputies were struck by bullets before a suspect was taken into custody about 6:30 a.m. Sunday, according to a sheriff’s release.

The news release says Detective Bill Brewer was taken to a hospital, where he died. Lt. Nick DeRose was treated for his wounds and released.

“Deputy Brewer gave his life attempting to help a person who was admittedly suicidal,” Sheriff Steve Leahy said in the release. “This will forever change the atmosphere of the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office.”

The release identifies a 23-year-old suspect but doesn’t say whether he has been charged. A deputy at the sheriff’s office couldn’t confirm whether any charges have been filed. He said the investigation is ongoing.