Janet Mills had the previous "Open for Business" sign (right) replaced with "Maine Welcome Home" on Thursday. Her spokesman said Friday that they will replace "The Way Life Should Be" sign. Credit: Courtesy of Janet Mills' Office; Paul LePage's Office

Gov. Janet Mills’ office has confirmed that the slogan “The Way Life Should Be” will return to a sign near the state border with New Hampshire.

After an outburst of complaints that a sign with the slogan, which had greeted northbound motorists on the turnpike for decades was removed when a new sign reading “Maine Welcome Home” was erected, Scott Ogden, a spokesman for Mills, issued a statement Friday to say that the old slogan would return.

[Maine changes ‘Open for Business’ sign to ‘Welcome Home’]

“The previous sign was nearly three decades old and, as a result of its wear, was scheduled for replacement by the Maine Turnpike Authority yesterday, which was also an opportune time to also install the new ‘Welcome Home’ sign. We agree that ‘The Way Life Should Be’ is a cherished, iconic part of Maine’s brand, and we will be working with the Maine Turnpike Authority to have it reappear alongside ‘Welcome Home’ as soon as possible.”

A new sign reading “Welcome Home” was installed Thursday, replacing the sign that had been in place since 1987.

Some Mainers were upset with the new sign, and started a petition to bring the old one back.