Adam Fine, 21, right, was killed when a roof collapsed while he was working on a mobile home Wednesday. Credit: Kara Rawlings photo courtesy of CBS 13

A man is dead, and another is recovering, after a mobile home collapsed on top of them.

The incident happened Wednesday afternoon in Cornville.

Twenty-one-year-old Adam Fine was killed when a roof collapsed while he was working on a mobile home.

His friends say Adam was kind, outgoing, and taken far too soon.

“He was always just super nice to everyone,” friend Nicole Tuck said. “He was always super bubbly out to talk to anyone.”

Friends are at a loss over the shocking news.

“His girlfriend answered the phone and told me what happened and I was like ‘Are you serious?’ Like, my friend just died,” Tuck said. “It just kind of sucks to know that one of my good friends, especially somebody like him to just pass.”

[Cornville man dies after being pinned under mobile home he was helping tear down]

The Somerset County Sheriff’s office says Fine was removing tin sheathing on a mobile home when the roof collapsed.

Twenty-two-year-old Nathan Shaw was able to walk away from the rubble and call for help.

“Well obviously there was a tremendous amount of weight there,” Chief Deputy Jim Ross said. “We do have a lot of snow on the ground up here. A lot of moisture in it. Very, very heavy, and by taking the interior walls out it changed the structural integrity of the building.”

Ross says fine was trapped under the roof and believes he died instantly.

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He says the two men had removed all four interior walls and that there was not enough support to hold the roof up.

“Structural integrity of mobile homes, everything hinges on something else and you really need it all there,” Ross said.

Friends say the shock and grief will be with them for a while.

“It’s something you never really think about until it happens,” Tuck said.

The sheriff’s office contacted the attorney general but says there’s no workplace safety issue at play here because Fine was working on his own structure.