July 23, 2019
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Saturday, January 19, 2019: Do your homework, build the virtual wall, political theater

Do your homework

In response to Silvio Laccetti’s Jan. 15 column about walls and illegal immigrants, I say the same thing I tell my teenage students every semester in the classroom: Do your homework. Check your facts. Do not use data in your own work that you have not double-checked or confirmed. Otherwise you will contribute to the flood of misinformation that is dividing us, and you appear foolish. Please be responsible with your published words.

Robin Wood


Show some actual respect

It is impossible to honor someone if you do not listen to them. It is impossible to show respect to someone when you ignore them telling you that your “respect” is actually hurtful.

I think of it like this: Say a man was giving “compliments” to a young woman. Say he calls her beautiful, gorgeous, sexy. Say she makes it clear that she finds his comments unsettling, creepy and demeaning. Say he keeps repeating the same things. Just because that man says he is flattering her, doesn’t make it so.

I have repeatedly heard people from Skowhegan insist that their use of “Indian” as their mascot is a way of honoring and showing respect to Native people. I ask the school board and mascot supporters to please consider how they would respond to the young woman in the above scenario. Would you tell her that, because the man insists he intends to compliment her, there is no problem? I hope not.

Please listen to tribal people when they say that the mascot is hurtful and damaging. They are the ones in a position to say. Making the change now would show actual, and long overdue, respect.

Regina Rooney


Political theater

It’s perplexing that the “border wall issue” is being trumped up to a crisis situation right now. If it is so important, why wasn’t it addressed a year or two years ago, when Donald Trump’s party was a majority in Congress?

The notion of a president claiming “emergency powers” to usurp the role of Congress is a true threat to America.

Hundreds of thousands of government workers, and all of the citizens who need the services they provide, are held hostage to the whims of a few tens of thousands of folks who enjoy call-and-repeat chants at a political pep rally? “Mexico will pay for it?” Maybe the goal of “emergency powers” is to “lock her up.” Her, or anyone who disagrees.

Michael Ball


Build the virtual wall

I think that President Donald Trump and the House and Senate Democrats should compromise over the shutdown of the federal government. The fair middle ground would be to authorize construction of a virtual wall. The agreement would require the following conditions:

Homeland Security would be funded to hire several thousand mimes. They would be stationed at intervals on a 24/7 basis to “maintain” the wall. I’m not sure just what uniforms the “Mime Corps” should wear.

Democrats would have to acknowledge that they had funded a California-to-Texas wall. They would sign a nondisclosure agreement prohibiting them from saying that the new wall did not exist.

Republicans would agree to stop using the words “Pocahontas” and “snowflake” until after the 2020 elections.

Trump, as part of the agreement, would be required to spend more time with his family.

If we all get behind this, I am quite sure that we can get this through Congress and reopen the government in time for the Super Bowl.

Michael Grunko

Chebeague Island


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