The Oxford County sheriff was forced to pay out of his own pocket to gas up the department's cruisers. Credit: CBS 13

The Oxford County sheriff was forced to use his own personal cash to pay for gas in the department’s cruisers.

Oxford County officials say the sheriff used hundreds of dollars of cash to pay for his deputies’ fill-ups after their gas cards got rejected at the pumps. Officials say it all started because of two employees leaving the accounting department.

Oxford County administrator Tom Winsor said the county missed an electronic payment to the gas card company this weekend because the two employees in charge of paying the account are no longer working in the department — and they were the only ones who knew how to log in and pay the bill.

“It’s an online thing, And we weren’t getting any of the notices because the people that were getting the notices are no longer here,” Winsor said.

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The sheriff spent about $400 to keep tanks fueled, and now Oxford County administrators are bringing in a third party to help create a new payment filing system.

Officials say the payments are all sorted out now, and that they will try to have more employees get involved with the procedure to prevent it from happening again.

“If we had two other people here, they should learn some of our job and we should learn some of theirs. We haven’t done a good job of that in the past, and I think we can do a better job in the future,” Winsor said.

Officials say that the new system will take up to four weeks to transition.