Maine State Police say they stopped a commercial truck on Monday, Oct. 29 that contained explosive blasting agents that were not properly secured and pulled the truck out of service.

Maine State Police say that they removed a commercial truck from service Monday morning after they discovered it was carrying explosive blasting materials that weren’t adequately secured, putting them at risk of exploding on the road.

Cpl. Chris Rogers inspected the truck in Richmond around 9:30 a.m. Monday on Route 197 after a roadside inspection by state transportation officials, according to a Facebook post by the Maine State Police. An unidentified driver from the company Maxam Northeast L.L.C. was taking the truck from Litchfield, Maine, to Groton, New Hampshire.

“The driver was transporting three different types of explosive blasting agents in the truck which were not properly secured,” according to the Facebook post.

In photos shared by police, more than a dozen cardboard boxes appeared to be stacked up in the back of the truck, and some appeared to have shifted out of place.

“Federal law requires hazardous materials to be protected against shifting and falling during transportation,” police said. “The truck was placed out of service due to this issue.”

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