BDN wrong on Mills

I was very disappointed that the Bangor Daily News chose to endorse Janet Mills for governor and that the BDN actually believes this will change things in Augusta. If the BDN really were interested in seeing progress for our state, it would have looked outside of the partisan politics and endorsed Terry Hayes.

Mills will do exactly what the Democrats tell her to do. The Republicans will be vilified and the majority of Maine citizens will be ignored. Mainers are an independent breed and Hayes has gained a lot of traction and support all around the state.

The BDN just choose to ignore it. Thoughtful Mainers are smarter than that and Hayes will be our next governor.

Frannie Babb


Mayhew’s big promotion

On Oct. 16, when I brought in my morning edition of the BDN and unfolded it, the front page headline damn near made caused this geezer to choke on his coffee. The headline: “ Mayhew to run federal Medicaid program.” Mayhew’s motto: If it ain’t broke, break it! God help us.

Earl Flaherty

East Machias

Poliquin and tax cuts

Congress passed a huge $1.5 trillion tax cut that greatly benefits the wealthy and increases the deficit. Now there is talk that in order to repair the damage, safety net programs will be slashed in order to make up for it.

I am trying to understand why Rep. Bruce Poliquin voted for this tax cut. Would he be willing to tell us, in a few words why he voted for this tax cut and how it will help the elderly, the disabled, the educators, the children, the opioid epidemic, the hospitals, the sick?

Nancy Hathaway


Support vaccines worldwide

One in five children in the world still lacks access to the basic childhood vaccines we take for granted here in the U.S., which causes 1.5 million preventable deaths each year. Great strides have been made over the last decade to increase access to immunizations for their children. The measles vaccine alone has prevented an estimated 20.4 million deaths from 2000 to 2016, an 84 percent reduction, according to the World Health Organization. Polio is 99 percent eradicated. We cannot stop now and lose the significant gains we’ve made.

I was fortunate to travel to Uganda in August to witness firsthand the impact that vaccine funding has had there. When we provide funding for immunization programs, we aren’t just buying the vaccine alone; we are giving nations the resources to strengthen their health infrastructure in ways that will help them fight disease of all kinds, including Ebola and Zika.

World Polio Day is Oct. 24 and I hope you will join me in contacting your members of Congress to ask that they strengthen and prioritize funding for global vaccine programs through partners such as the United Nations, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, the Centers for Disease Control and US Agency for International Development.

This is a problem with a solution, we need only the will to see it through.

Ashley Daigle


Don’t vote for Democrats

Maybe this is the clearest choice yet in a midterm election. The constructive case for a Republican vote is based upon a sensational economy, high wage growth, record low unemployment, reduction of the threat of a nuclear North Korea and Iran, elimination of ISIS, and secure borders.

The destructive case for a Democratic vote is an advocacy of socialism and towering taxes to pay for Medicare for all, “free” college education and guaranteed incomes, as well as elimination of ICE and border security, repeal of tax reform, repeal of job-creating business deregulations, impeachment frenzy and, perhaps most concerning of all, a normalization of uncivil mob behavior toward anyone who disagrees with their point of view.

Keep Maine and the country on the current safe and prosperous path. Don’t let the Democrats’ destructive agenda destroy the remarkable progress we have enjoyed. Send your Republican representatives back to continue their constructive work in improving our quality of life.

Ralph “Doc” Wallace


Ringelstein for Senate

Zak Ringelstein is my choice for US Senate. I don’t think Angus King is a bad senator, but he is the seventh-most conservative member of the Democratic caucus, according to Even Democrat Jon Tester from blood-red Montana has voted more liberally than King has.

Ringelstein supports a green New Deal, Medicare for all and increasing the federal minimum wage. King and Republican candidate Eric Brakey are either neutral or outright opposed to those popular policy platforms. Furthermore, Ringelstein is running his campaign without the help of large donors or PACs. It is 100 percent people powered.

I also understand many Democrats are afraid of splitting the vote. But the great thing about this Senate race is that we have ranked choice voting! I hope Mainers will join me in voting Zak Ringelstein first and Angus King second on Nov. 6.

Anthony Emerson


Consider Hayes for governor

I had the pleasure of meeting Terry Hayes at a campaign reception in Bar Harbor earlier this year and I was impressed. What distinguishes her campaign for governor is her capability and commitment to ending partisanship in Augusta. She was open to questions, respectful to both sides of an issue and resolute in her position of being able to accomplish more as an independent candidate with a reputation for civility than being affiliated with a party.

If you believe partisanship is the source of all the gridlock and divisiveness in Augusta, you should strongly consider Hayes’ candidacy. Her philosophy involves carefully listening to everyone at the table and crafting reasonable compromise. It is obvious she has the welfare of the Maine people in mind at all times. She has no stake in either political party — she is an independent.

Beyond her governing philosophy, she commands respect from and has strong working relationships with members of both parties. She forged these relationships as a state representative from western Maine and then as the current state treasurer.

If you are looking for a candidate who has the best interests of all of the people of Maine foremost in her mind, take a look at Hayes. I am.

Kimberly Swan

Bar Harbor

Election notice

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