Professor Susan Feiner speaks at a demonstration against faculty and program cuts at University of Southern Maine in this BDN file photo.

PORTLAND, Maine — The University of Southern Maine has barred from teaching a professor who organized a one-credit course for students to protest Republican Sen. U.S. Susan Collins as she considered then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Credit: Troy R. Bennett | BDN

The Portland Press Herald reports University president Glenn Cummings said in a statement Wednesday Dr. Susan Feiner set up “an unauthorized class that advanced her personal political agenda.” Feiner has been banned from teaching at the University of Southern Maine and other campuses in the University of Maine System.

According to Cummings, no school funds were used to support the trip to Washington, D.C. Cummings says the “pop-up course” was hastily arranged without his or the provost’s knowledge.

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The university pulled the course.

Feiner has acknowledged that she didn’t notify administrators. Collins voted to confirm Kavanaugh.

Feiner told the Press Herald in a text message she would not challenge the university’s decision, saying that although she’s “disappointed,” that it’s not worth fighting because she’s retired — “It’s USM’s loss,” she reportedly wrote.

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